Its in your hands

Once again the influenza season has arrived, and much like the weather; the strains can be mild in some years and virulent in others. Unfortunatey 2012-2013 seems to be the latter. If you have been able to avoid this years nasty strains, and there are a few; consider yourself  one of the lucky ones. It is difficult to find a household or workplace that has not been invaded. If you work in the healthcare field or have students who will be entering the healthcare field it is crucial that you/they understand the precautions needed to protect themselves and lower your/theyr’e risk of contraction. Although we are inundated with commercials for pharmaceutical remedies and print ads that encourage consumption of elixxirs and potions to lessen the severity once infected; we are still falling short on education. Most handwashing commercials and adds, (which have significantly increased in the past several years) are generally geared towards children. To win this bug battle we must do better. A LOT BETTER. You only have to look at recent news articles like this one from the Vancouver Sun which illustrates the poor compliance of Doctors in British Columbia:

If the doctors are not complying, what about nurses, students, UC’s, RT’s, PT’s etc? Not to mention visitors and patients! The potential for the spread of infectious Viruses/Diseases is enormous!

Simple handwashing and enhanced precautions when dealing with patients in the clinical setting can reduce the risk enormously. So educate yourself, educate your students. I have provided several links on mymedicinechest which contain videos, pamplets and a plethora of facts and figures to share. Now go wash your hands and teach!


About lisagedak

I work in the field of Healthcare, and am an Instructor of Medical Termionology, Healthcare Communications and Pharmacology. you can find me on facebook at: or on twitter @voodoowitch1
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love this blog! Great information

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