Get hired in healthcare!

The healthcare field is booming. The aging population, the increase in lifestyle related illness, (think COPD and Diabetes) and our fractured healthcare system are going to ensure that there is no lack of work for some time to come.

The Health Authorities generally do a couple of hiring ‘blitzes’ every year. But every year, hundreds of grads attempt to be hired. Whether you are an RN, a UC or another potential member of the multidisciplinary team, your resume and your inteview must rise above the rest.

Think about it. The Health Authorities are still supporting hiring freezes in nursing, and with the political environment in the midst of change, it can be a challenging time to be hired in healthcare.

You must ask yourself, why should they hire me over the hundreds of other applicants? What do I bring to the organization? You Should research the health authority you are applying for, what do you know about THEM? Don’t just assume that you will be hired. If your resume makes the cut and you have secured an interview, you had better be prepared.

Here are some great interviewing tips for those looking to break into the healthcare field whether you are an LPN or a healthcare executive:

Healthcare Hiring Questions

Happy Job Hunting!


About lisagedak

I work in the field of Healthcare, and am an Instructor of Medical Termionology, Healthcare Communications and Pharmacology. you can find me on facebook at: or on twitter @voodoowitch1
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