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I work in the field of Healthcare, and am an Instructor of Medical Termionology, Healthcare Communications and Pharmacology. you can find me on facebook at: or on twitter @voodoowitch1

Hospital Parking Pain

How many of us have had to deal with a patient or a family member who complains of the cost of parking at our hospitals? I know I have MANY, MANY times. I certainly don’t blame them. These people are … Continue reading

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Student Orientation Prior to Practicum

The rules are changing. More and more the Health Authorities are requiring additional checklist items to be completed prior to students being placed into a hospital setting. Vaccinations, Fit-testing and WHMIS are just some examples of the many expectations being … Continue reading

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Get hired in healthcare!

The healthcare field is booming. The aging population, the increase in lifestyle related illness, (think COPD and Diabetes) and our fractured healthcare system are going to ensure that there is no lack of work for some time to come. The … Continue reading

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Hug a UC

I teach Unit Co-ordinators and am a practicing UC. Although we are an intregal part of the healthcare team, It is always difficult to describe what it is exactly that UC’s do. I found this article that was right on … Continue reading

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Healthcare workers and grief

Our students will be entering a workforce that deals with very happy outcomes, and very sad outcomes. If a patient leaves the hospital in better condition then which they arrived, the students will feel the joy of having helped that … Continue reading

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In the month of love, do you love yourself?

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Have a heart

As we all know February is heart month, (coincides with Valentines of course!) It got me to wondering about my own heart, and how important heart health is to teach to our students. I teach my students about the function … Continue reading

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PowerPoint Support via twitter!

  I came across this community with close to 1000 users whos goal is “to help members learn about the features and uses of PowerPoint, the latest happenings in the PowerPoint world” I am now following @PowerPointWiziq in hopes of … Continue reading

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Is Laughter the Best Medicine in our Classrooms?

We have all heard the old saying that laughter is the best medicine. But does laughter help our students learn? Is laughter appropriate while they are out in the hospitals on a practical experience? I believe that laughter CAN help … Continue reading

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For those who are on twitter, @AVogel_ca is a premier supplier of highest quality fresh-plant remedies and natural products throughout Canada. They are having a #beattheflu twitter party and giving away some great prizes! So, Wash your hands and head … Continue reading

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